Cookie Stamps

with Bible Promises 

Trust me

and I will direct your paths 

Promises Kept Cookie Stamps are Great For:

•  Kids' Projects and family fun times

•  Fundraising for your church or school

•  Giving a gift with a special message

•  Reminding people of God's love


Are you looking for a special way to put a smile on the face of kids, grandkids, family, friends, and even strangers?

Everyone loves home-made cookies.  You can make cookies with  a special touch of love with Promises Kept Cookies Stamps, the cookie cutters that stamp Bible Promises right in the dough! A simple recipe is enclosed.  Or you can gift your loved ones with a set of their own Promises Kept Cookies Stamps.  They are great for church or school events.

We'll send you a 3-piece set with 3 different Bible Promises for just $14.95 (tax and shipping extra).  Ordering is easy; simply click  BUY NOW  to order and your set will be on its way!  Our unique set is made from FDA approved plastic. 

I will never leave you

or forsake you 

With God all things

are possible